Based in Delhi, we are the leading manufacturers and exporters in India of Tubular/Finned Tubular Heater, Cartridge heaters, Immersion heater, Mica and Ceramic band heater, Strip/strip finned heaters, Infrared Quartz heaters.

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Tubular /Finned tubular heaters

Tubular /Finned tubular heaters
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These are one of the most versatile electric heaters coming in varied ratings and sheath materials. It is absolutely suited for wide range of ratings; sheath materials and forms. They have low power consumption and come in highly economical rates. Made from premium quality raw materials they are the best products for drying ovens, air conditioning systems etc.

These heaters have the following specifications:

  • S.S 304,S.S-321 and incoloy sheathing

  • Covered with M.S and S.S fins for air heating applications

  • Excellent electric insulation and high heat transfer abilities

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